Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Even keel

B. seems to be doing okay with this kindergarten thing. He doesn't like the cafeteria, but who would? I've been picking him up early, to help him ease in. Right now he's talking in what sounds like paragraphs of babble or some language I don't know. I may be imagining it, but I feel as if he's talking to himself more since we quit ABA.

Every once in a while I feel a jolt of surprise when I realize both the twins are in the kind of class I used to teach, with a very low ratio and goals like putting their lunch boxes away (along with some loftier things, too.) Most of the time it seems normal, and I'm so, so glad that this year we have a teacher who says things like, "They are both so smart, we just have to learn how to work with them". I'll just let last year's teacher fade into a distant memory!

My mom is home, and continuing to improve. So right now things are good, although I do miss seeing as much of the twins as I used to.


burgiboogie said...

I'm so glad things are starting to come together! That is so weird, Wyatt has been talking in what almost sounds like scripting conversations, but mostly unintelligible except for some very funny "c'mon mans." Anyway, hope it leads to more for both of us:)

KAL said...

I'm glad this teacher seems better than the last (and glad your mom is doing better too)!