Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Two

Today's comment from the possibly-very-good teacher was, "Today Greg did not want to come into the classroom. He got off the bus, but sat down in the hall outside the room. He stayed with the group more today". I'm staying positive, I'm staying positive, I'm staying positive. It's not that I mind that he sat down in the hall, it's just that I'd think maybe something good and worth mentioning happened. Something a little more inspiring than staying with the group more.

I didn't know what to think of this, so emailed the teacher to ask for more details. Haven't heard back, but at about 5:00 I realized G. had a fever of 101 degrees! I have to admit, I selfishly thought "Ooh, I get to have him home tomorrow"

Meanwhile, B. had ABA in the morning, and then we mall-walked to escape the heat. As usual, we made many side trips into stores selling sparkly or metallic things. We had a fun, psychedelic time in Spencer Gifts looking at all the colored lights.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The tables are turned!

For the last two years, I have pleaded for a "daily note" from the special ed. teacher, letting me know what and how G. does at school. I did finally get one for about three and a half months, although other kids in the class never did.

Well, this year, I get a taste of my own medicine. The special ed teacher this year is very organized. Every morning I have to fill out a form stating how many hours G slept, what and how much he had for breakfast, and choose from a checklist of about ten moods to describe his early morning behavior. There is an "other" category, so I'm entertaining myself thinking up more moods I could fill in. "disaffected", "optimistic, but with a twinge of foreboding", etc. But, seriously, I am in awe of this woman and can't believe she works for the same district as G's previous teacher.

Although, for her comment yesterday, she just wrote, "G. is adjusting to kindergarten", which is kind of mysterious.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


B, the much more silent one of the twins, has surprised us a couple of times this summer by saying "Bless you!" when someone sneezes.
One time he even said it to me after I handed him a cup of milk.
Of course, this leads to everyone fake sneezing in hopes of him saying it again.
As convincing as we think we are, we have not fooled him once.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A new teacher and some exciting signs of hope

Greg will be heading off to Kindergarten ("Alternative Academics"--self-contained) next week. So far, the teacher is the polar opposite of the woman he has had for the last two years. This wonderful teacher emailed and then snail-mailed a social story with photographs of the new school and his classmates. She sent home two long forms for me to fill out about how he learns, what he likes, etc. I actually feel teary thinking about this. I've sat in so many meetings trying to explain how he learns and what motivates him, and finally the teacher is actually interested, and even asking me for more detail.

We visited the school last week, and he skipped around taking in all the bulletin boards, alphabet displays, and so on. I almost had to physically drag him out of the library. When we got to the door of his room I told him, "This will be your classroom this year" and he quietly said, "Bye-bye". I think he was telling me I could go, but it might have been that he was ready for us both to leave. In any case, he was very interested in seeing the whole school and especially his room. Mrs. K., the new teacher, asked me all kinds of questions about him, and seemed entertained by him in the way that a proud, nervous mom wants a teacher to be.

So I'm cautiously optimistic... I'm sure the year will hold its challenges. But It's so good to be feeling a little hum of hope about school this time around.