Sunday, July 25, 2010

Did he just say that?

I had written a longer version of this post, but managed to destroy it somehow.

The upshot is, yesterday I think i heard G. say an original sentence-type of thing. He can memorize sections of Bob the Builder episodes and reel them off with impressive feeling, but otherwise he is very stubborn about sticking to the shortest phrase possible.

After a trip to the pool, when he thought I was trying to sneak back out the door (I was actually trying to gather the pile of swim noodles and inflatable pool things we'd dropped in the driveway), G grabbed my arm and said, "Come together...(long pause)...IN!"

So, unless he's been listening to the Beatles, he made a sentence!

Sad news from Irving, TX

I just read the news story about the Irving, TX woman who took the lives of her two autistic children. It's so sad... i assume she had underlying psychiatric problems already, but I can't help wonder how much sleep she was getting, how much she could get out of the house and how isolated she was. I don't mean to make excuses for her-- it's a terrible tragedy and I wish it could have somehow been prevented.

Meanwhile I feel so thankful for the support we get from so many wonderful people. First and foremost, our extended family, and also all sorts of friends, therapists and even casual acquaintances.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Resolving to take more pictures

Here's one of my first attempts:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Brainstorming school ideas

For the first time this year, G. is going to ESY for six weeks. His goals are things like taking off his shoes, walking from one activity to another, looking up from an activity when someone calls his name.

Meanwhile at home he is reading sight words, memorizing Dr. Suess books and trying to order us around all day long.

I've made some progress in recent IEP meetings, but I'm starting to think up a combination of public school and homeschooling that I believe could work. This fall he will be in a self-contained class with kids with all sorts of disabilities (in this district, anyone who can't be mainstreamed is stuck into the same class together, no matter the disability) I like the teacher, but I still think the focus will be on functional skills, which G. is pretty bad at. They seem to get so stuck on things like taking off your shoes that they don't have time for reading, computer skills, etc.

Meanwhile, B. is singing all day long, and actually talking a little less. I think it'll sort itself out with time. At ABA he's working on letters and numbers and many other challenging things. He's not going to public school until I get really organized and recruit a really good advocate!

And J. is as social as ever. I feel like his personal assistant, setting up playdates and pool get-togethers every day!