Friday, January 21, 2011

Brothers acting like brothers!

I just wrote a depressing post about how G. used to use language in a more social way back when he was two. But I decided not to hit "publish". Now he comes up to me and puts his hands on my cheeks, or presses his nose into my face and inhales lovingly. So what's to complain about really?

Also, on the big news front, B. has decided that his big brother is funny. If J. hops into B's bed, or gives him a bear hug, or better yet, lies down on top of him, B. gets a fit of the giggles. It doesn't always work, but when it does, it is such a joy to see! They'll wrestle around and laugh, until it usually ends with B. getting over-excited and grabbing his brother by the throat. That doesn't sound so great, but it's meant in a loving way, I"m pretty sure.

It's so nice that things like this can come up and surprise you, even if you have to wait til they turn six. I think of myself back in my desperate Floortime days--trying so hard to get them to do pretend play or interact with each other. So many things just have to happen in their own time. As frustrating as that sometimes is!


Riley said...

Wow -- I didn't see that coming! What a joy for J, who used to try so hard to make his brothers smile or laugh. I had the feeling J had given up, but thank goodness he kept trying! I hope he takes the throat grab in the spirit in which it was meant. :-) These guys are full of surprises.

Aly EItland said...

WOW thats sweet me and my brother have our ups and downs..