Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blog Slacker

I am a true blog slacker. For a brief update, we are having some problems with scratching and biting. I wear long-sleeved shirts. Other wise I get looks and people asking, "Do you have a cat?" J. (the non-autistic brother) is absolutely obsessed with Michael Jackson and dancing to the Wii game "The Michael Jackson Experience". It's actually a fun thing for us to do together.

Potty training continues, and we are making glacial progress. J. has a group of understanding friends who can handle the occasional partially clad twin running through, usually being chased by me (fully clothed) and the fact that you have to take your own soap and toilet paper into the bathroom.
School is going all right. Some administrator decided the twins cannot skip art class, which they had been doing because of the art-supply eating fixation they both have. Of all the issues I have with Texas special ed., missing art class is not an important one. It was not even on my radar. God forbid they are not getting the Texas TEKS in Art! Meanwhile they can't even get 1:1 Speech therapy or OT. Uh-oh, here I go.
I had been resolving to be more positive or at least keep more of my sarcasm to myself. Hence the dwindling number of blog posts. Although the blogs I enjoy reading are often pretty sarcastic.