Monday, August 29, 2011

Another good teacher

It may be time to exhale, relax, and stop waking up at 4 AM feeling panicky. We have a new teacher again this year, but I think she's another good one. The twins actually seem happier in the afternoons this year, which is an encouraging sign. Last year G. used to hide in his bed and have to be coaxed out.

The twins are back at their home campus, which makes big brother J. extremely proud. I also get to hear snippets of their day from him. For example, last week the Cookie Dough Fundraiser assembly was briefly halted so G. could leave. Apparently he kept getting louder and louder. I think it must have been one of those assemblies where they try to whip up a lot of enthusiasm by yelling into a microphone.

This weekend at the pool, B. kept yelling out something that sounded like, " COOKIE DOUGH! Hey, what??" over and over. Our favorite lifeguard, who is fascinated by the twins, is sure that B. is ready to get out there and sell.

And, luckily, despite the yelling, and having to stop school assemblies, J. still says he is "super proud" to have the twins at his school.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Found the (so far) perfect pajamas:

It is such a simple product, but it has really improved my quality of life a LOT!