Friday, February 22, 2008

Moving right along

Haven't been posting because I've been interacting with live people (grown-ups, specifically) more than usual. Can't seem to fit both the blogosphere and real-live adults into my life at the same time!

I'm feeling very good about keeping the twins home. They are still doing ABA and OT. G. is taking off with language, and is seriously obsessed with letters, numbers and colors.

B. has been saying some new words ("cook" is one of them, which makes no sense in this household, unless he's suggesting that I try it sometime) Also "ice cream", a word everyone should learn as early as possible. Today I was trying to get him to say "baby" to request a Baby Einstein DVD, and he said "Signing Time". That one knocked my socks off.

J. is very, very interested in Spiderman, although he still secretly likes Disney princesses. He is trying to write his name, which is fun. He is also determined to get the twins to play with him. He can get them to laugh, by lying on them and putting his face right up to theirs.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Keeping my Boys at Home a little longer

The last few weeks I've been having trouble sleeping, feeling uneasy without a real reason, knowing something was bothering me.

Last Thursday, as I walked the dog through the dark neighborhood, i admitted what was wrong. i didn't feel right about sending the twins to preschool. It came down to the ratio--one teacher and one aide to work with seven boys with autism. I like the teacher, I liked the IEP goals, but I don't think those numbers make sense. Therapists who work with my boys individually sometimes seem "challenged"!

Once I knew what was wrong, I knew what I had to do. It was embarrassing calling on a Friday to say that the twins wouldn't be starting on Monday, but who cares? If I learned anything from all these evaluations, and therapies, it's that my gut instincts are usually right.

We are going to get a few more ABA hours each week and hopefully a second OT session, but mostly things will stay the same. I get to be with my sweet boys, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.