Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So far, so good

The ABA-less summer is proceeding fine. So far we are all about toilet-training and going to the pool. Unfortunately combining those two things is not necessarily so great. I think of taking the twins to the pool as "swim diaper roulette". We haven't been banned from any pools, but that may be because of lifeguard cluelessness. Enough on that topic.

J. is having a mixed summer-- the days are going okay, but in the evening he is falling back into some old behavior issues. I think he keeps a lot of frustration about life with the twins inside, and when it's too much, he unleashes it toward my husband and me. In the daytime he is usual creative and funny self.

One night lately I managed to sneak out and meet another local autism mom. We talked so late they closed the restaurant before we'd realized it (we were on the patio). She is trying hard to move to the Northeast and says she refuses to send her daughter to Texas schools. I will miss her if they move, but I understand wanting to get somewhere with more services. I've actually been avoiding support groups lately, but a support group of two was probably what we had both been needing.