Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starting Kindergarten

Okay, Mommy needs a drink, or a massage, or a Valium, or something! I'm taking deep breaths, going to my happy place, etc. This morning I dropped B. off at his self-contained kindergarten. It's the same class G. is in, so it should go fine. When I left, he was sitting in the general ed. kindergarten for calendar time. He was singing some Christmas song in a low, relatively quiet voice. He tried to stretch out on the carpet and ended up sitting in an aide's lap. I guess now he'll start coming home smelling strongly of perfume, as Greg always does.

I actually feel better about it than I thought I would. He walked into the building with a huge smile on his face. I'm picking him up early and hoping he's still smiling or at least not crying. So far, this is definitely harder for me than for him. Thank God for good teachers and aides.

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