Thursday, February 26, 2009

Checking In

I don't know why I seem to have abandoned this blog! There just doesn't seem to be time.

All the boys are doing well. B. can answer the question "What is your name?", provided the asker is holding an Oreo cookie, or something equally appealing. Most of the time he says, "What is your name...B.", but it is so cute, who could quibble?

J. is five! He is a pleasure to converse with these days, and seems to have hit the "why" stage a few years later than some other kids. Really complicated why questions, that have me stammering and trying to explain the concept of re-incarnation or gravity or some such thing.

G. is interested in the movie Cars. He comes up to me and says, "Do you want Cars?...Yes, yes", with lots of head-nodding. This is big progress for him. We had finally gotten J. out of his Cars obsession, and here we are again.

I am making a disorganized attempt at potty-training both twins. That may be the real reason for my absence from the blogosphere. I am going on blind faith that some day, some how, the twins will actually use the potty as it is intended to be used.


Niksmom said...

Good luck with the potty training! I'm not that brave yet...

Maddy said...

OOo there you are! Potty training is over-rated as then when ever you're out and about you need to be able to find public restrooms by echo location at a moments notice!

Delighted to hear that you've hit the 'why' stage of development, now that is a challenge!

Jenny said...

Hi I'm Jenny love your blog, it's one of the reasons I started--it has helped me so much. Thank YOU! My twins, on the spectrum, are 5 year old boys. Potty training WILL happen, I promise. It felt like banging my head against the wall everyday, but it WILL happen. It took a long time, and lots of underwear in the garbage (gross, i know) but we did it. And you will too!
Thanks for your blog!