Monday, March 2, 2009

A Post-It note's worth of progress? Really?

I don't think I've written much about pre-school experience. We took B. out of the program in December, after he actually regressed and became aggressive. we left G. in, and he seemed to enjoy it, although his IEP progress reports read "minimal progress" in all areas, while he was talking and spelling and such at home.

I hate conflict, so I've complained behind the teacher's back, mostly. My impression of her so far have been summed up by the phrase "phoning it in". I've decided I'm fed up.

I emailed last week and asked if she could tell me of some areas in which G. had made progress this year. I heard nothing back, so I emailed again, asking if she had received the first email. She wrote back saying she'd been very busy, and she'd send a note home.

Today I got a Post-it note, yes, a Post-It note, saying that he is sitting better with the group and attending. Also he is doing great with his letters.

This is a boy who knew all his letters, letter sounds and could put his letters in order before PPCD started in the fall!

Ay, yi, yi. Anyway, she is recommending that he go to the summer school program, and I am recommending that he not go. I know this is Texas, but is this really the best they can do?


kristen said...

Ugh. It's so disheartening to read this. Hang in there, and keep pushing. Sending a hug.

Niksmom said...

I have to agree with Kristen...disheartening. Sounds like teacher isn't even making the call on her own when she's phoning it in! Good luck! Hugs.

KAL said...

This is terrible. Are there other preschool options for you? Another location maybe? Anyways, it's good to see a post from you. Hang in there.

burgiboogie said...

Why do people even bother?? I mean really spec. ed teachers don't get paid that much, if you do not love it, there has got to be an easier job!!! Makes me so MAD! I hope you find a better placement for the boys next year.. or sooner!

Glad to see you blogging again!