Friday, November 28, 2008

A Thanksgiving of Firsts

Yesterday we had the best Thanksgiving we've had since we've had kids.
We started out at the Houston Zoo, where the big "first" was that both twins spent most of the time holding our hands and walking (!) Also, we all rode the merry-go-round together, with no tantrums, panic-attacks, crying, etc.-- just lots of smiles and sitting up, and only a little chewing on the merry-go-round equipment. It all felt like a normal, fun family outing, and less like a desperate attempt to have a fun family outing.

Next I made a sweet potato casserole. Making it was fun, but it turned out more like a dessert than a casserole. Not too healthy unless they discover the life-extending effects of two sticks of butter very soon.

Finally we actually went to a Thanksgiving get-together with a bunch of friends from my husband's work. For the last few years we've had quiet Thanksgivings at home, but this year I was determined to change things up. The only other child there also has autism, and had brought many alphabet-related items, so the living room was filled with boys looking at letters for a good part of the evening. It was great to see people I hadn't seen in a while, laugh, eat too much and relax. J. had a nice time with a box of space-shuttle type toys, and also experimented on the piano. I wondered what he thought of the evening, having been the only "NT" child there, but as we drove off he announced, "I had a lot of fun. Let's go back soon".


Niksmom said...

That's awesome! So glad you all had a great day!

burgiboogie said...

That is wonderful!! I am so glad you had a great T-giving, and that the boys are walking more independently. That has got to be a huge help.

Kristin said...

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Maddy said...

Independence! And fun! We love it.
BEst wishes