Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Ventures

This morning Ms. Marie, the young woman who will be doing some ABA with B., came over to talk. She is an extremely optimistic, bubbly person, which makes me feel like the cranky New Yorker I often am, but so far I love her. The twins seemed to react positively to her, which is great for a first meeting. G. was lying on the floor making his baby duck kiss the mommy duck, and B. was jogging around smiling. At this point we are going to do ten hours a week, for B. only. I got the feeling she'd like to work with G. also, but since he's progressing pretty well, and we aren't rich, it's just going to be B., so far.

My husband is a bit worried about how much ABA will cost, but I think it's worth trying. I was very pushy with Early Intervention, but I ended up with each twin getting two hours of services a week (up from 30 minutes/week). That's speech and OT. For kids with so many challenges, that's just not enough. I think it's worth spending our money now, while they are so little. I don't mean put ourselves into financial ruin, but do what we can with what we have. (Piece of advice: if you have kids with special needs, do not move to the Lone Star State.)

Off and on during Ms. Marie's visit, B. was trying to get himself one of the Signing Time DVD's, which was hidden on a very high shelf (running around looking at a DVD case is a current preoccupation). He even dragged a chair across the room, and kept looking from the chair to the shelf, but couldn't decide what came next. I find it so interesting that he can think of bringing a chair over, but hasn't figured how to use the chair to reach something (I know it's just a matter of time!)

G. is singing songs all the time now, although much of the time we aren't certain which song it is. One of the lines he gets stuck on is from a song the Wiggles sing in Italian (something like "baila, bambina"). A friend of mine heard him singing it and said, "You're teaching him Italian?" Okay, I'm a bit of a crazed autism mommy, but not that crazed!


Mom without a manual said...

I totally agree with you regarding the finances. You have to give it your all now. Time is precious and they have a lot of catching up to do.

We have been giving it everything we have for the past two years and now are looking at to Kindergarten. I just don't know how we can pack much more into JP's day than school. He is going to be overstimulated with that alone...

My as much as you can while they are young!!!

mcewen said...

It's great to watch them connecting the 'dots'. The connections get faster too.
Best wishes

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

I know that Wiggles song! Brings back good memories :o) Gabe and Boo know Spanish because of Dora and Diego. Amazing what they pick up isn't it? Good luck with the worked wonders for Gabe.