Thursday, May 17, 2007

The In-Law Visit

This past week, my in-laws have been visiting, something I had been nervous about. At Christmas time, I was still the only one who thought the twins were autistic, so there were a lot of "oh, they're fine, don't worry" comments flying around. But I have to say, this week has been wonderful. My mother-in-law cuts out articles and gives them to me, but I don't feel pressured. In fact, it's a pleasure to watch both of my in-laws enjoy all three boys just as they are. J. made sure to explain every minute detail of our lives to them, while B. and G. have pretty much ignored them. G. did repeat "Papa" several times and clap, which was a great moment.

G. also used a two word phrase! (not repeating it...he came up with it on his own). When he wants something, he says and signs "Please" ("peajh"), and then signs "more". This is really, really cute, but still leaves me with no idea of what he wants. Other times he just seems to scroll through every word or sign he can think of. We are really making progress, but we've got a ways to go before I actually know what he's talking about. At this point, it is so wonderful to hear his voice trying to say words, I'm happy to wait for him to figure it all out.

B. had his first meeting with Ms. Marie, his ABA therapist. He responded very well, and did some things for her that I hadn't seen him do in a long time. She is a really warm person, and spent most of her time singing to him and playing in a gentle way.

Another B. milestone: he took the red chair, dragged it across the room, climbed on it and would probably have reached the forbidden DVD boxes if my MIL hadn't caught him! This opens up a big child-proofing can of worms. J. can climb up and get things, but his preferred mode is always to remain at ground level and talk a grown-up into helping him. G. isn't trying to climb at all yet. But our days of being able to stick dangerous things up high are coming to a close! (Note: I'm not trying to say that the DVD boxes are dangerous. If he gets hold of one, however, B. will cease to interact with us for the entire time he has it in his hands)

So, we're having some hopeful days around here

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Mom without a manual said...

Lots of great stuff! Congrats!

I'm glad you are feeling support from your in-laws. It really means a lot to have them "get" your issues! You are lucky!

Keep the good days coming!