Monday, May 7, 2007


I've found a new way to feel good about autism: spend a weekend thinking your son has not only autism, but also some weird myelin-depleting condition. Just plain autism sounds great to me now.

The doctor finally called and said, "Oh we see hypomyelination in lots of our kids [meaning patients with autism]. We don't refer them to neurologists, because there's nothing you can do". So whatever it is (she didn't explain it, and I was too relieved to formulate questions), it's not getting worse, and according to the doctor, could actually improve as he starts to use more parts of his brain. That doesn't sound very medical, but she said something along those lines.

Yikes, what a crazy situation. If only that staff member could have kept quiet! I'm sure she's in some kind of trouble now.

I feel as if my brain has turned to mush. My husband kept asking if I'd asked her this or that (for example, does B. have the same condition). I don't think I asked anything once I realized it wasn't anything progressive. I was thinking. "Yippee!" and wanting to get off the phone. She also told me that his bloodwork is normal, which was good to hear.

So now I'll spend a lovely afternoon enjoying my merely-autistic twins and their merely-articulation-challenged big brother. Ahhhhhh......


mcewen said...

I know that feeling - so bizarre how your [ones / my] attitude changes with time. I'm sure that so much of the negative stuff about autism is due to ignorance / fear. I think they're synonymous. When I first realised this phenomenon, that they didn't have 'whatever' that they were 'only' autistic, I couldn't help but laugh out loud at my own ridiculousness.
Best wishes

Mom without a manual said...

I am so glad everything turned out okay!

I know what you mean about perspective. Baby T had a fainting episode that I blogged about last fall that scared me straight. I realized then and there that we can handle autism!

Enjoy your boys and give everyone an extra snuggle tonight!

KAL said...

Yay! I'm so glad that for the happy ending.

burgiboogie said...

Oh, you must be so relieved. Good luck on the next MRI.

mumkeepingsane said...

I get what you're saying. Patrick had some bad seizures for about a month before we got his epilepsy under control. A year later autism came along and it was not nearly as scary.