Sunday, May 20, 2007

Autism and Unitarianism--is there a link?

I've mentioned before that I go to a UU church. It's becoming a haven for us--one place in this area where I fit right in with my wild hair, minimal make-up and casual clothes. J. has made good friends, and the twins have a lot of people who will look out for them.

Lately at church I seem to meet a parent of a child on the spectrum almost every month. So far, I count one girl and five boys, in a church of 250 or so members The mom I met today I had actually met before in a Moms of Multiples Club, which I've since dropped out of. The motto of that club was "where God chooses the members". I never liked that motto, because I felt like where does that leave the moms who have had miscarriages, or moms who have had a child with chromosomal problems?--both clubs I'm also a member of. But, I digress.

Out of the ten or so kids in the toddler class, three are on the autism spectrum. The mom of the other boy and I bonded today by talking about Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Signing Time movies. Her son is doing really well, and is just now getting diagnosed at the age of three.

But why so many of our kids at this one little church? My husband says it's because UU churches, with their open-ness to agnosticism, etc., attract nerdy engineer types, and we do have a lot of those. Whatever the reason, I feel like I've found an autism mom support group without even having to look for it.


MOM-NOS said...

Maybe it's the part about the "inherent worth and dignity of every person" that speaks to us. (There are at least two other UU's in the autism blogosphere - Lisa/Jedi from Life in the New Republic, and me!)

Mom without a manual said...

You have to take acceptance where you can get it! I think that is great that you found a church that welcomes your family!

Church is a hard place for us because our church home during the past years has not been very accommodating.

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

I'm so happy for you that you found a supportive group. I know my friends that have children on the spectrum provide some of the best support.

That is intertesting about the group having three kids with ASD. I agree with you, what are the chances? Maybe God put you all together for a reason :o)