Monday, March 19, 2007

Better Weather Equals Better Mood

Seem to be feeling better, which is a relief. We've been getting outside a lot, running into neighbors and chatting, which cheers me up.

This Wednesday I'm supposed to accompany a friend to some sort of champagne lunch with aromatherapy and massage at a fancy clothing store in downtown Houston. This sounds great, but I am going to have to do a mini-makeover on myself between now and then. Yesterday I found myself applying "stain stick" to my shirt while I was still wearing it. And I hate to say, but I didn't take the shirt off right away, I continued running around with it on for another hour.

When I go out into the world, I assess my clean shirts for the one with the fewest Aquaphor and Desitin stains. I'm not sure why it is, but the ointments we use for diaper rash seem to be the hardest things to get out of clothes. And the twins flip and flop during diaper changes like huge fish fighting to get back to the sea. That sounds like a bad thing for a mom to say, but it's the analogy that always comes to my mind. By the time I get Aquaphor onto the key areas of the boy, there is usually also some on me. On the other hand when my husband will watch the kids so I can go have champagne and aromatherapy, I'll go in a shower curtain if I have to.

My sister is coming to visit from Massachussetts next week, and I'm so excited. We always have a great time together. She's going to be here to help out when we take the twins to TX Children's Hospital to see a developmental pediatrician. G. goes on Tuesday, and B. goes on Wednesday. I can't imagine they'll tell us anything too surprising, but I'm hoping they'll have some helpful suggestions.


mcewen said...

Well I for one think you're doing very well, a great deal better than other people we might mention. Like the woman who first removes the article of clothing with the stain, applies the stain remover but is unable to find the time [clothes are upstairs = leave children unsupervised] to find replacement body coverings. Is it any wonder my children run around naked with such a bad role model!
Best wishes

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

We use Aquaphor too. It helps with Gabe's excema, but it is so gooey and slimy. I have decided it must be vaseline's nemesis.

The spa day with a relaxing drink sounds fantastic. Cheers to having a good time!

Good luck on your doctor visit too. Your sister sounds like another great support in all this:o)


KAL said...

We use aquafor on chapped cheeks and I know what you mean about its stain properties. So glad to hear you're feeling better today. And that you're looking forward to your sister's visit. Hope the visit to the developmental pediatrician goes well next week (it's been a long time coming, right?). In the meantime... enjoy your champagne lunch!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Dr's visit.

There will be lots of suggestions, fortunately but it'll take a little time to sort it all out.

As for stains... I just simply roll my eyes when I find one when I'm out in public... oh well.