Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why are Some Days So Different? and other thoughts

Some unrelated notes:

This evening B. was being so friendly and playful. He kept looking me right in the eyes and smiling and laughing as we played. I kept thinking back to what he ate today, or what activities we did. Nothing in particular was different. I did buy him a sugar cookie at the mall, which I don't usually do. Hmmmmm. He also seems more interactive after drinking milk, which goes against so much of what I read.

I bought some particularly "stimmy" toys today, in hopes to use photographs for choice-making play sessions. One is a deck of cards with Nemo pictures and alphabet letters on it, another is a squishy ball that lights up, and one a helicopter with a thing you can spin (can't think of the word....need sleep!) I want to find some more cheap and irresistable toys which we will only use for this type of activity. Each Early Intervention therapist has said to me, "We have to get them to stick with an activity longer, they just run from thing to thing". Well, this is partly true, and partly that they are actually running away from the therapists. With grown-ups they are fond of, they will sit and play for stretches of time (not compared to what their brother was like at their age, but for short periods).

G. has become attached to a creepy-looking toy bat which we were given at Halloween. He carries it around and signs "bird".

The other evening, we were watching Barney. When Barney started singing his final, sappy song, B. jumped in my lap and looked up at me and smiled. Most likely, he was fleeing his older brother, who tries to put the twins in a head-lock of a hug every time he hears this song (he means well...he also tries to hold their hands and sway back and forth, which both twins hate). Whatever the reason was, it was a nice moment.


Anonymous said...

Re the diet thing.... my eldest is dairy intolerant.. he had nightmares/terrors - every day during nap and every night... he had cronic diahrea - nasty every day and nasty rash...

Yes, the dairy had him stoned. The mouthing stopped with everything else. The headbanging slowed but didn't go away.

We tried gluten but it didn't make any changes after a year.

My youngest is dairy intolerant only b/c he hasn't had any since he was 6mths old. He gets grilled cheese sandwiches and mac and chse but large quantities of milk give him diahhrea. Lack of enzymes in the stomach.

Every child is different. Make your choices for yours only. Advice is only advice, I pick and choose what works for me and my family. If not.. those T's would still be in this house but this family would be in an uproar and that doesn't work for us.

KAL said...

We have discovered Barney around here too and although both boys love the "I love you, you love me" song, Sam sings along. The first time he did it I about died I was so happy. And all the terrible things I've ever said about Barney faded like that. TiVo regularly records it for us.

Your appt. with the developmental pediatrician ist next week, right?