Monday, February 12, 2007

It's the Little Things that Get Me

When I bent down to kiss G. good night, he started fake snoring.

After carrying G. up to bed, I started down the stairs to get B., and met him crawling up to meet me, with a big smile on his face. This had never happened! He also had his bedtime animal, Sprinkles, with him. It's a little thing...he realized it was bedtime, and he was coming upstairs on his own initiative. But it's also a huge thing, in my book.

Quick review of Ocean's Twelve: the most unlikely plot I've seen since Ocean's Eleven, but I still enjoyed it. At no point in the movie did anyone in a dinosaur costume sing or dance, so right there you know it's got something going for it.

Next in the queue, Impromptu.

Un-nerving moment of the day: J (the supposedly NT big brother) has discovered dimmer switches, of which our house has many. As I tried to clean up this evening, he dragged a little chair around and adjusted the lighting in each room until I finally put a stop to it.


WarriorMom said...

My son loves to play with the lights, too. I guess there's something attractive about controlling your environment.

KAL said...

Hey, the little things are often the big things. Don't worry too much about J and the lights -- I think a lot of little boys like the cause and effect of turning them on and off, NT or not. Have you been able to take some more "me" time and watch another movie?

Anonymous said...

those are very sweet moments!

fluffy has always loved light switches. i can see why. they are pretty powerful buttons!