Friday, February 16, 2007

Birthday Preparations

This'll be quick, because I'm preparing for our first actual children's birthday party. Up until now it's been just the family, but now that J is turning three, I have found the wherewithal to invite other people and their children into our home/therapy center.

Note to Self: Next year, don't invite ten children thinking that half of them won't come. Not only are most (maybe all?) of them coming, some are bringing siblings. Luckily, the twins don't seem to mind crowds, as long as they can do their own thing. I'm very excited about seeing other adults who don't work for either Early Intervention or for me.

Most of these people don't know that the twins have autism, so I asked my husband if he wanted me to take down the picture schedule and other PECS-type choice boards we have around. I didn't know if he wanted to spend the party explaining things to people. But he's more laid back about such things and said to leave them up.

Movie Note: Impromptu was not as good as I'd remembered it. I've ordered Stranger than Fiction, which looked funny. Wish the previews wouldn't give away so much of the plot!

I have been trying to add pictures to this blog, and so far have not succeeded. Maybe because we have an Imac?


WarriorMom said...

I hope the birthday party goes well. And try to enjoy it!

KAL said...

I have an imac too and had to download Firefox inorder to upload photos. It was fairly painless and I use it as my browser only when I'm writing a post. The rest of the time it just hangs out on my desktop.
( )

Happy Birthday to J!

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

Good luck on the party! I'm sure they will have a blast :o)

Gabe's friends and mom's I invite over to our house to play, just think we have a really cool play room. They may not even have a clue about all the therapy that happens there.

Have fun!