Friday, February 9, 2007

Blogger's Block

Haven't felt very bloggish lately.

Recent occurrences:

While being careful to avoid neighbor's kids playing at foot of driveway, backed the mini-van into the basketball goal and removed the side mirror. Made a big impression on J., who has now finally stopped yelling, "Careful, Mommy!" when I pull into the driveway.

Was lent a book about RDI by a friend, and am reading over Stage 1 activities.

Have hubby's permission to turn downstairs bedroom into a sensory, gross-motor play room. Which it unofficially is anyway.

Joined Blockbusters' online movie service, and intend to order as many feel-good, chick-flick movies as humanly possible. So far I have Ocean's Twelve, which I seem to remember getting awful reviews. Okay, not exactly a feel-good movie, but in a purely visual/esthetic/George Clooney and Matt Damon sort-of-way, I think it will fit the bill.

Discovered Double Chocolate Milano cookies.

G. was able to say "please" ("peez") for exactly one day. I'm sure it'll come back eventually. He retained the ability to say, "Ho, ho, ho" whenever we read Spot's First Christmas, which we have out of the library this week.

B. says numbers sporadically when other people are counting, and is still in the increased giggly eye-contact stage, which I'm loving.

J. is as always keeping me on my toes.

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Thanks for coming over to my blog. Have added you to my blogroll also. Cheers - Jerry