Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If anyone is actually reading this blog (other than my sisters, who only comment in emails... which is fine, by the way), I have to recommend TeachTown.

It's Discrete Trial Training, so limited in that way. On the other hand, if you have a child who is hard to motivate to do work, it could be just the thing. G. is working up a storm, although he still wishes it were YouTube.


JD in TLH said...

One of your non-family readers here :)

Just read about the TeachTown software, looks very interesting. We haven't employed any software for learning at home, but this looks like good stuff.

Also, we had exchanged a comment a little while back about me wishing Steve Jobs (may he rest in peace) would fund iPads for kids like ours. I found some info on organizations that have grants for iPads and iPods http://www.autism-society.org/news/funding-for-ipads.html

Worth looking into, I thought.


JD in TLH said...
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Mom to JBG said...

Thank you for the link! I'm still working on looking at all the sites.

Since my glowing review, G. has gotten angry at Teach Town and is clicking on the wrong things on purpose. Giving it a little rest!

Ms Cathey said...

lol I do read Blogs, But it does seem as if noe one reads our Blogs! lol


Paul Mastin said...

Hi. New to your blog. Just lookedat the TeachTown website. I couldn't really find on there what subjects it covers ... Can you give more of an explanation?? THANKS!


Mom to JBG said...

Teach Town starts with things like identifying animals, common objects, letters, numerals, etc. It goes up to much more complicated stuff.

I think G. was actually just showing me stuff that he already knew, but it was so exciting. sadly, he now clicks the wrong thing on purpose, or says "Bye Bye" until I turn it off, so we've moved on to other things (ie the IPad). If a child were motivated to get things right for the sake of getting things right, it could really help.

Paul Mastin said...

Ugh ... Well, getting the wrong answer on purpose is one of Chloe's FAVORITE pasttimes!! We'll see. I might check it out anyway ...