Friday, October 22, 2010

The good, the bad, etc., etc.

First the good: J. is now riding his bike with no training wheels! It makes me so sentimental watching him. His bony legs stick out to the side, and he sits up so tall. You can just feel the pride coming out of him. He's also enjoying karate-- his teacher is a wonderful, patient man.

And for the not-so-good: Despite the new, oh-so-promising teacher, G. seems completely stressed out by his self-contained kindergarten. He has started the angry pinching which B. used to do during his brief stint in public school

This class, or one just like it, is all our district offers. I'm thinking maybe the boys can go to school in the morning, and I'll home-school in the afternoon. G's teacher says he spends a lot of time covering his eyes or his ears, and just recently, pinching the teachers. Maybe he'll adjust?

Now, back to the good: B. is still singing up a storm. Recently it's been a lot of Christmas songs, with a few counting songs mixed in (Five Little Ducks, Five Elephants, etc). He is so sweet doing it that I can't resist putting on a Christmas CD in the car. It's been in the upper eighties, but B. and I are driving along singing "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time". Works for us!


Evelyn said...

Hey! Evelyn here. Your boys are so lucky to have you as their mom. Can't wait to see you soon, and I hope G settles in at school.

burgiboogie said...

School is always a work in progress. It stinks because we can never really know what is going on!! I am glad you are still blogging. I have decided and then undecided to stop blogging a million times lol! Email me, if you want to be "Facebook friends"