Sunday, October 24, 2010

File under cuteness

I have to get a movie of this following, but taking movies is not my thing. B. just figured out how to turn on the spray nozzle attachment on the garden hose. I set it on "mist" and he tries to drink it.

Today, every once in a while, he would turn it on and say, "Ah-choo!" It was the funniest thing. I've only heard him say "ah-choo" one other time, when he had just sneezed. When they hardly ever say things spontaneously, it always seems so surreal when they do!

The other thing, cute but also downright amazing, was that yesterday I'm almost certain he said, "Juice box empty". An adjective! An adjective that hasn't been on Signing Time or Baby Einstein or anything!!

Just have to brag, when you get a chance.

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