Thursday, October 16, 2008

Adoption Celebration

For whatever reason, increased focus on the potty has meant decreased blog-reading and blogging for me. B. continues to surprise me with his toileting successes, although I still have to be happy with peeing/pooping in the general potty vicinity. In the morning when he's still dazed, things go where they're supposed to, but once he's awake, it's literally hit-or-miss.

Yesterday was the four-year anniversary of J. joining our family! We took him out to one of those hibachi-table Japanese restaurants. We'd been there with friends, and thought J. would enjoy the silly patter and the showmanship of the chef. Unfortunately, we ended up with the first scary/cranky/clumsy hibachi chef we've ever met. I think he was trying hard, but he kept addressing J. in a gruff voice as "Boy", and J. looked a little nervous most of the time. He still enjoyed it, probably because he rarely gets to go out with just the two of us. He kept saying "Let's talk about Barack Obama and John McCain!" and "Let's talk about the debate!" I think it was part of the fun of being out with the grown-ups. It was hard to keep a conversation about the debate going for long, but he tried.
The first picture we ever saw of J. (at three months old)

J. last month in Austin (we are so lucky to have this sweetie in our lives!):


burgiboogie said...

I was wondering how you guys were fairing with the potty training business. What a great picture of J. makes me all teary, I cannot imagine knowing my baby is out there, and having to wait for him! I think all mom's of 3 boys should get some sort of award when the potty training is complete. When J. runs for president, maybe he could add that as a tax incentive:)

rainbowmummy said...

Wow!! That is so cool, 4 years! Sorry you got a scary chef though!

Mom without a manual said...

Happy adoption day! He really is a beautiful little man!

Good luck on the potty training...I am going crazy with my little one here!