Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ordinary Life

I haven't been posting much. We've been having uneventful days, which is nice.

J. had a friend over to play this afternoon. They were acting out the "tractor-tipping" scene of the movie Cars (if an NT child can be said to perseverate, then J. definitely perseverates about Cars). G. was watching the two boys, which is very unusual in itself, and then he started to laugh and laugh. J. and his friend were running around, moo-ing, falling down, honking and generally doing the four-year-old boy thing. I was so happy to see G. laughing at them. He'll laugh at Baby Einstein puppets or Pingu the penguin, but never (before) actual kids.

We've been having other children over a lot lately, and I think I see enjoyment in both the twins' eyes. It's subtle, but it's real.


Niksmom said...

Subtle but real is good stuff! I'm willing to bet you'll see more of it, too! :-)

KAL said...

Ordinary is extraordinary I think ;)

burgiboogie said...

J has the most adorable expressive little face. He must be a million laughs.