Monday, July 14, 2008

Time for the Happy Dance!

From Saturday til today, G. has

- hugged J. spontaneously

- pulled J. up from the floor by the hand

- taken J. by both hands and done a little "circle dance" (twice)

It makes tears come to my eyes just to type this.

G. looks very serious in this clip, but I suppose he's way out of his comfort zone!


KAL said...

Hooray!! I know what that feels like!

celia_a said...

Woohoo! Is it a full moon?

Congrats, G you cutie. I hope you think this is lots of fun!

Yay for J, who must just *love* this.

Niksmom said...

So much for the "lacks theory of mind" Crap the "experts" spout, huh?

Good stuff happening everywhere, it seems. Yay!

burgiboogie said...

AWWW! Look at those two, sooo sweet!

Casdok said...

I know all baout happy tears and dances!!

lonestar818 said...

How precious! btw your kids are adorable :).