Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Taking to the air again!

Tomorrow we;re doing it again: flying from Texas to New York. We have a laptop, a portable DVD player and an iPod, so I'm hopeful that the flight will go smoothly. The hardest time is sitting in our seats, waiting for the plane to get moving. I bought out the Baby-Einstein themed chew toys at Target for B. For G., I printed out pictures of the Wiggles, Barney, Pingu, Bob the Builder and a few other characters and covered them with packing-tape (poor man's lamination). J. should be fine with Spiderman, Batman and a contingent of ocean animals. Judging from last time, my role will be crawling around on the floor of the plane, retrieving things.

My father-in-law recently had surgery for intestinal cancer, and is recovering in a nursing home. We are hoping to cheer him up with our energetic (chaotic) presence. G. is in an interesting period-- he does not want to pee or poop in a diaper, but has zero interest in the potty. Our carpet is not doing well. My mother-in-law has had four kids and a bunch of grandkids, so she's already seen it all, I'm hoping.

We're going to meet up with my parents at a state park for a picnic one day. I can't wait! Last time I talked to them they had been on a tour of a retirement village, the kind which includes assisted living and a nursing home. My dad was concerned that there was nowhere to store his canoes and bicycles. Things are always changing, and I am still focusing on appreciating each day and its little miracles.


Niksmom said...

Hope the trip goes smoothly...I don't want to read about you getting thrown off the plane for crawling on the floor! LOL

Judith U. said...

Safe travels!

KAL said...

I'm sorry about your FIL, I hope your visit does cheer him. We're flying in a few weeks and you're right - I think that time waiting to take off will be hardest. Thanks for making me stew on this and look for remedies!