Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Artist among Us

B. discovered his medium yesterday...he likes to work in watercolors. Over the past couple years I've tried getting him to paint every once in a while, to no avail. But yesterday he loved it.

He also said "paint" and, I think, "painting" several times. And when I tried to put things away as it started to rain, he said a very clear "NO!"

I'm hoping the paints really are truly non-toxic, because most of the time he had one brush in his mouth, and he drank part of a cup of the painting water.


kristen said...

My son also went through a watercolor phase after years of refusing art projects of any kind. I wonder if it's the soft colors, the soothing nature of the brush strokes? Who knows?

Anyway, an artist is born!! Hooray!!!

Angela said...

Oh I wonder about the colorful pee

burgiboogie said...

I love the blue mouth:) He looks like he is having fun, very into his work.