Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On the road to Preschool

Had the IEP meetings today, met the teacher, saw the classroom. I was pleasantly surprised by what i saw. It was strange because I kept running into people I knew from my teaching days, and having to explain what I was doing there.

I emphasized in the meeting that the twins have some risky behaviors (running off, climbing anything, etc.) I'm trying to lay the groundwork for asking for another paraprofessional in the future (hope they don't find this blog!) Somehow we ended up spending an inordinate amount of time talking about the possiblity of G. sticking things up his nose (!) Apparently during the evaluation, they tried to get him to play a drum, and he stuck the drumstick up his nose. This hasn't been much of a problem at home, so when they kept mentioning it and making sure it was noted in the IEP, I got the giggles. I'm sure it was nerves... I had thought I might start crying, but instead I guess I went the other way. The IEP goals they set for them looked very ambitious to me. If they achieve them, I'll be thrilled.

Recently realized that I could be subscribing to blogs. This would be so much more efficient than what I currently do, which is check all my favorite blogs every day. I have to look into this when I get back into town. Which reminds me that I should be downstairs doing the final packing. J. will be carrying his own things. I bought him a chapstick, a little pack of kleenex and a lot of snacks. He can't get enough of his chapstick...he applies it to various parts of himself that he says have dry skin. I didn't explain it well enough before I handed it to him.

Wonderful holidays to anyone who happens by here!


Jen P said...

Um...I might have a soln for the misuse of chapstick. Email me.

Glad to know you didn't cry. I was starting to feel like a freak when I want to laugh at those things. My kids are bleeders so one stick up the nose would be a MESS.

Totally easy to use Google Reader (free) but I have found that klipfolio (also free) is more instantaneous which I really use for comments and my family's blogs because they get updated so often.

KAL said...

Hey, that's great about the preschool and that you were pleasantly surprised. I'm just becoming unburied and realize I am pretty behind on reading... (I like bloglines myself, but it's really the only one I'm familiar with).

Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday and a calm, uneventful journey north!

Judith said...

Yea! Glad things went well. May the travel gods be with you...

Niksmom said...

Wow, I'm impressed that they set the goals high. We experienced the polar opposite.

Have a safe trip and a wonderful time in NY. :-)

Angela said...

chapstick I thought it could go anywhere