Monday, December 17, 2007

Busy Days

Tomorrow I have the twins' first IEP meetings. I've decided I will send them to PPCD after all, although only 3 or 4 days a week, if possible. I'm going back and forth about how much information to bring with me (sensory suggestions, words they can say, what we've been doing at home that worked, etc.) IEP meetings are rushed as it is. I do want them to know that I have my masters in Special Ed., and I've got definite opinions about what the twins need.

After the meetings, it will be full-steam ahead with travel preparations. I can't remember how we got from Newark baggage claim, on and off the little train, and to the rental car office last year. We'll have two suitcases, two car seats, carry-on bags and two strollers and everyone's coats. My husband wants to have J. walking, but I think we should have his stroller just in case. A major advantage of strollers is that you can hang things off of them.

While making a list of the words B can say, I realized he has about 30 words that he uses now. It was nice to see this on paper, because he speaks so rarely, I don't notice how many new thing's he's saying.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. G. sang "(about 10 unrecognizable syllables)...birthday oo you" It was the best of all possible birthday presents!

The photos are from a trip to the Adirondacks with J. two years ago.


Judith said...

Good luck on the IEP meeting tomorrow. I didn't realize or possibly somehow had forgotten that you had your Masters in Special Ed. Wow..That's incredibly useful. I'll be thinking about you. Even the best IEP meetings are downright stressful.

And yes, absolutely take the extra stroller. You're aching back will thank you!

Angela said...

have fun on your trip

Jen P said...

I'm so subscribing to your blog. I have a mad scientist at my house too! =o)

burgiboogie said...

Good luck at the meeting! I hope they are receptive to your suggestions. Hope your travel goes smoothly.