Sunday, November 4, 2007

Two Tiggers and a Duck Farmer

G. struggled out of several costumes, so we just told people he was a duck farmer.

The twins really are very happy kids, but won't smile in front of a camera.


Mom without a manual said...

Hey a duck farmer! EIEIO!

You know, the camera is a mystical thing. We had a couple years where JP never looked at it and most certainly wouldn't smile. Of course, he is a ham now. That is mostly because he is fixated on looking at the pictures and somewhere we made the connection that smiling at that black box Mommy holds makes the pictures that are on the computer and in his photo albums.

Oh well, I looks like your guys had a nice Halloween!

Angela said...

Pictures are sure not easy to get.
I couldn't get my son out of his costume without a fight.

Casdok said...

ahhh they all look so lovely!