Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The last week

My posts have been tending toward a Wordless Wednesday, Everyday kind of style. My parents were visiting for the last week, and I chose staying up talking to them over blogging. They lived here for six months after the twins were born, and I've missed our late night talks, attempts at the New York Times crossword puzzle, exploration of Texas ice creams and just the chance to hang out with them.

It was interesting to see that they both really connected with B. I think it was really good for them to have him come up and put his head in one of their laps, or touch their cheeks. I know my dad loved it when B. took him by the hand and led him places. G. tried to ignore them for the most part, and stuck to acting out scenes from videos using wooden alphabet puzzle pieces (this is new, and interesting to watch, but distracts him from actual live people).

This morning while waiting for the cab to the airport, my dad picked up a toy guitar and started strumming. B. stood and stared at him, and then started hopping around and making elaborate arm movements. My dad loved it, and kept up the strumming til B. finally wandered off to other things.

Last night was a dramatic end to their visit when my doctor told me to take G. to the ER, due to shallow, rapid breathing. Right before I left home, we managed to get a good dose of Tylenol in him. By the time we saw the triage nurse, he had made almost a full recovery. He ended up running around the waiting room, yelling his version of the Bob the Builder theme ("bah bah buh buh, uh ee ill ih" and so on). I finally took him home without having him seen. I did learn that a fever can cause rapid breathing, and that you can buy Tylenol suppositories, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

Our other excitement this past week was a trip to the audiologist in the Medical Center. B. passed his hearing test, and G. failed his. The technician had given G. some stickers which he got all stuck to each other. I think a freight train could have gone through the room and he wouldn't have flinched, he was so intent on unsticking the stickers. He did respond to voices, but that wasn't enough to pass the test. Now we are scheduled for him to have a sedated test (ABR, I think?).

I am able to write this because I am letting J. watch a Disney Princess movie (!) on a little DVD player in his room. He is fascinated by all things "princess". I used to try to steer him to Diego or Cars, not wanting him to get made fun of, but I've decided I should let him be who he wants to be.


burgiboogie said...

I am so glad you were able to spend so much time with your family.I love being with people that love my kids as much as I do.

KAL said...

You have really had the week! I'm glad your parents had some quality time with them, I always love when J&S get to spend time with their grandparents. Scary about the ER! I'm sorry that G. failed his hearing test. I could completely picture that intense fixation on the stickers and that's probably all it was, but I'm sorry you have to get him a sedated test. Sigh.

Angela said...

Family time is so much more important than computer time. Glad you all got to enjoy each other

Sustenance Scout said...

And no worries about J! :) So glad I stopped by...and the Tylenol worked. K.

Sustenance Scout said...

p.s. Also wanted to tell you I've just posted a wrap-up of my survey which includes quotes from you and a link to your wonderful blog. Thanks again! K.

mcewen said...

We're just recovering from a double dose of the plague and asthma attacks - maybe we should book a double room at the ER! Scary stuff.
BEst wishes

Niksmom said...

Oh my, that is a full week! So glad the Tylenol did the trick! Well, maybe Nik and G cando their sedated ABR's together! Ours is 12/6. I am fairly confident it will be normal. He had a really bad day when they did his hearing test and was mid-meltdown. I don't know too many typical kids who would pass under those circumstances. LOL