Thursday, November 1, 2007

Have you seen these blocks?

Here I am, at three am, searching the internet for yet another of G's favorite toys (obsessive love interests, security object). Last time it was the little wooden penguins, another time it was a fire engine which we got at Sonic.

We lost G's yellow Fisher Price "Peek a Block", with a little dog in it. I found the set of blocks on the Fisher Price site, but they seem to have been discontinued. There are tons of peek a blocks on ebay, but none of the simple, primary color ones which G. loves. He walks around the house saying "yellow?" "please?". We left it at the ASA picnic on Saturday, and my husband drove back to look for it, to no avail.

I know he has so many other toys, but there's something about how he looks up at me and signs please that makes me turn to mush.

So, if you happen to have a set of these, I'll buy them at a premium price!


Mom without a manual said...

Oh, bummer! I am sorry we don't have them. If I did I would be next day airmailing it to you! I so understand your quest! You might also check goodwill or thrift stores! You never know! Good luck!

kristen said...

Good luck! And sorry, we don't have them either.

KAL said...

We just got rid of all of our blocks but I can say pretty confidently that we never had the primary color ones. Oh, I'm sorry you're on the hunt for them! Do you have any twin clubs down there? They usually have great sales!

Casdok said...

I will look out for them for you!

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