Sunday, October 28, 2007

ASA Picnic

I managed to calm down after the doctor's appointment, largely due to a picnic we attended on Saturday. It was held by our local branch of the ASA, and it was encouraging, relaxing (as much as taking our 3 boys to a big park can be), and just such a relief to be with families who understand.

There was a ton of food set up in one pavilion, but not many people sitting down at any given time. Most of the conversations took place quickly, as we passed each other on the playgrounds or swings, or while juggling plates and children.

One thing I noticed was that the parents of teenagers got to sit down and eat a regular meal. The parents of kids under ten or so were doing lots of running, chasing and generally following kids around.

Once the twins had worn themselves out I had some actual conversations with other parents, and felt validated for sticking with my approach of some ABA and a lot of intensive playing, singing, jumping and so on, in a natural enviromnent. One mom kept telling me "Buy them a computer!" because her son has taught himself to read and do all sorts of other things on the computer. He was the cutest little five year old, walking around reading every sign he could find.

I finally figured out what G. means when he points to his chin and says, "Boo". He saw a lady with a plastic spoon, and started following her around saying "Boo!" and "Peesh!" (please), until she went and got him his own spoon. He has a thing he does where he bounces a spoon up and down, and says "one, two, fwee, foe". I'm sure it's from a movie.

Now if I could just figure out:

"Fwee, fwee...oooooooooo"
"Care-a bear-a" (it's not care bears, because he doesn't know them)
and about twenty other things that he says all day long, I'd have some peace of mind. I feel as if I live with someone who constantly speaks to me in a foreign language, and I do mean constantly.

As usual, we only managed to take pictures after everyone was exhausted.


gettingthere said...
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gettingthere said...

Glad you had a nice day out with the kids. Children, even autistic ones, do grow and change as you noticed with the teenagers. Your boys will grow too and your translation skills will improve, especially if G could help you out by pointing.

KAL said...

You remind me that I need to check out our local ASA chapter. I think it's great to get the opportunity to talk to other parents in our shoes. Glad you had a good time!

Mom without a manual said...

It sounds like you had a nice day out! It is really helpful to spend some time with other families that understand! I totally know the feeling! We had a night at the local children's museum about a month ago and it was so wonderful to feel the calm acceptance of each other.

I totally understand the detective work on the language. Sometimes they pick up the most subtle lines from a movie and then drives you crazy trying to identify it!

burgiboogie said...

My son really loves the computer too. He has learned a ton on the computer, it is easier for him to "label", and so forth. When we use flash cards he is too tempted to play with the card. Our local ASA is an hour away, but it might be worth checking out. Glad you guys had fun.