Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Legs are Looking Good

The ECI physical therapist came today to check out the twins. She said the leg length discrepancy looks minimal. There's a more noticable difference in circumference, but that shouldn't cause problems. She also said she had worked at Shriners' Hospital with kids going through leg-lengthening, but those kids all had dramatic length differences. Apparently, if the difference is small, a person may limp, but might not even need a lift in the shoe.

So, overall, very reassuring. It's a great feeling to have an evaluation turn out this way.

To be fair to ECI, they are really redeeming themselves in my eyes lately (somewhat). They've hired an autism specialist, who comes to our house weekly, our new developmental specialist is great, and an OT showed me how to massage B., and lent me a book on massage for children. Although, the main reason I'm judging them less harshly lately may be that they are just supplemental to all the private therapy we're getting.

I tried to show how much better the birthmarks have gotten with these two pictures, showing G's right arm. i hardly notice them anymore.


burgiboogie said...

Yeah! That is really good news, I am also glad to hear ECI is getting their act together. Getting all the right therapy in place is such a battle sometimes.

Mom without a manual said...

That is great news! I am so relieved for you guys!

Also that is great about the school services. They probably are doing better but it does also help your perspective when you get all the extra private stuff in place. I know it made me feel less dependent on the schools...

AngelaFerreira said...

OOoohhh look at granny so chufffed and proud in the photo... lovely!

Niksmom said...

Yay! Good news all around. :-)