Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Matter of Perspective

I took G. to church with me this morning, and left the other guys home with Dad. I teach Sunday School twice a month. Well, it's a Unitarian Universalist church, so I hardly feel that I can say I'm teaching Sunday School. It's pretty non-traditional, but it is on Sunday morning, and I am teaching, more or less.

Anyway, I dropped G. off in the toddler room. They only had three kids total, with two teachers, so the outlook was good. This particular teacher hadn't had G. in there before, because the twins stayed a few extra months in the infant room, until I decided to bite the bullet and admit that they really are two. So far, they haven't quite managed the whole hour in the toddler room. Sometimes they end up back in the infant room, and other times a woman who has a soft spot for them ends up carrying one around with her. Usually someone ends up coming to get me because one or the other is inconsolable after 40 minutes or so.

I heard some whining and complaining (in G's high-pitched "I'm not at all happy with this situation" little voice), but amazingly enough, no one came to get me for the entire hour.When I went to get G., the teacher seemed apologetic, and said, "I think he may be very tired. He alternated between wandering around the room and lying on the floor." I probably confused her, because I was so excited and grateful, and said, "You don't know how great this is. It's the first time he's stayed the whole hour in the toddler room!" I really felt we'd made some important progress. Eventually we can work on getting him up off the floor, but at least he's in the room, and I'm not!


Christine said...

Hey! I'm a UU, too! Although I moved here in '99 and still haven't found a local church. The one I really like is 40 minutes away and I just haven't felt like I could make that comittment yet. But I've been thinking about it more and more.

Oh, and congrats on G getting through the full hour!

Anonymous said...

Yes, another chocolate loving ASD mom! So glad you introduced yourself on my blog. So glad I found yours! I'm looking forward to reading more!

WarriorMom said...

Yay for G's success! I know what you mean about perspective. JF recently made a grammar mistake, and I was thrilled, because it meant he's making progress away from echolalia.