Thursday, March 8, 2007

Attack of the Two Year Olds

Just in the last two weeks or so, the twins seem to have read the memo and found out that they are "terrible" two's.

Looking back, one of my clues originally that all was not right in twinland was that they were just so quiet and agreeable, almost all the time. Their brother could take a toy from them, we could go anywhere, leave anywhere, put them down for a nap, pay attention to them, ignore them, and no matter what, they were mellow and relatively happy.

G. was always more attention-seeking by far. He'll whine, or do a dance, or use signs or a word to get our attention. With B., I've never known just how much he understands of what's going on around him.

Suddenly they are trying to out-do each other in attention-seeking, with most of it being the wailing, throwing-yourself-down-on-the-ground variety. They get mad if the other one's waffle looks larger, or if I comfort one after a tumble, seemingly neglecting the other, and on and on.

It makes for a noisy household, but it feels far more "normal" than the quiet of the previous two years. I have to admit that they've gone through cranky stages before, but this is the first time that the crankiness has seemed related to other people (rather than colic or teething, or some such thing).

J. on the other hand is in a really sweet, affectionate stage. As I put him to bed last night he said, "I love your teeth, Mom".


Mom without a manual said...

Congrats on your wild house! I think that all sounds like great chaos! As exhausting as it has to be, you have to being smiling through it thinking about the progress!

mcewen said...

"love your teeth" ooo how we love those compliments, although it's probably quite appropriate for you.
Have a great [noisy] weekend.
Best wishes