Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Very Good Morning

We took one of our favorite outings this AM: Petco and then "Sweet Mesquite". We made a speedy tour through Petco, checking out fish, cats, birds, chinchillas and other creatures in under fifteen minutes. B's favorite moment is always passing through the aisle of dog toys..."BALL, BALL, BALL!" (I've given up on the Wiggles'-based pseudonyms...I don't get enough sleep these days to keep such things straight)
After this we always stop at a family restaurant, Sweet Mesquite (now under a new name, but I prefer the original). They have a cuarto de familla (sp?) which features a slide, one of those sliding bead toys, and various video games.
The last few times we've been, B. has become absolutely fixated on one video game, which features various combinations of scary looking men fighting with each other. He stands in front of it, shaking with excitement. G. and J. are indifferent to it, although at one point when a muscle-bound Ninja type was boxing with a giant kangeroo (!!), J. did comment, "That's not nice". I tell myself he likes the quick movements and flashing colors, but I really don't understand it.
We did manage to distract B. for short periods, during which he climbed up the slide several times. We lucked out and had a really understanding group of kids there. One boy joined B. in climbing up the slide, and the other kids just moved aside. G. spent most of his time eating, but did a little playing, too. J. formed an alliance with a cute little girl, who tolerated him following her around. I think he prefers to play with girls, which is interesting.

It felt like such a laid-back, run-of-the-mill family outing, and I was thrilled. The twins seem to be decreasing in their instinct to run immediately in opposite directions when released from the stroller.
And, I may have imagined it, but I thought B. just possibly might have turned around when I said his name today.

All in all, it was a very good morning.

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