Monday, January 22, 2007

Seeing Progress

It's funny, I would normally feel uncomfortable "bragging" about my kids' achievements, but since they're so far behind, it feels okay to go on at length.

Tried to get G. to wear rainboots for the first time. He threw a big fit, and kept pulling them off. I heard J. say to him, "You want to wear boots or shoes?" G. then signed "shoes", which he's never done before. J. answered him by saying, "Good choice," which sounds like an echo of my special ed. teacher-y way of speaking.

G. later allowed me to put the boots on him when he realized it was the only way to get to splash in puddles with J. Luckily the pants I was wearing were essentially mud-colored to begin with.

Other recent G. triumphs:

I said, "This is a book about hats", and he patted his head.

He pretended to sleep on a pillow on the floor, and imitated our fake snoring.

He falls down on purpose, and laughs when we do it together.

I hate to ignore B. in this post. His progress is a little harder to track, because we have a lot of "Did he just say that?" moments. The speech therapist heard him say "Ready, set, go!" very faintly. He also said "Q,R,S", after we paused in an attempt to get him to sing "P". He uses a few signs, but very tentatively, often when he thinks no one is looking at him.

On the other hand, he is definitely the only boy in the house ever to have urinated in the potty! This happened last night at bath time, and I think it was an accident of timing, but we cheered like crazy. Now if it would just inspire some competitive feeling in his big brother.
A funny J. moment: After having a toileting accident, J. apologized to the character on his underpants-- "Sorry, Benny!"

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KAL said...

They sound like they're doing great! Imitation is huge and it seems like B. is trying to say a few words even if it is hard to understand him. I'm all for bragging, brag away!

So glad you started blogging. Looking forward to reading about your exploits.