Friday, February 17, 2012

Too busy to blog!

I was looking back at the blog archives and realized I used to post a lot more than now. I would pay so much attention to each word the twins said, or especially to anything they stopped doing. That was such an intense time. Well, it's still an intense time, but I feel more sure of who the twins are. I always used to be looking for a clue that they'd turn out high-functioning. Oh, those words... "high-functioning"! They were like Harvard or Yale, or "gifted and talented". Now I feel like I know they have a lot in there, but I also feel pretty sure they will need a lot of help throughout their lives. "High-functioning" has been replaced in my mind with "toilet-trained and able to communicate what they have to say". Now I think i'm more able to enjoy their quirkiness, and less apt to see everything as a clue to what they'll be like as adults (on the good days, anyway).
Going to get them early today, to use the IPad and IPod. Would like them to be able to use the IPad at school, but that's a whole other can of worms.

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