Wednesday, September 14, 2011

G. was home with pink eye today, and I got him to do so much work!  Despite liking the new teacher initially, we are back to the old problem of no one realizing a fraction of what the twins, especially G., can do.

I had lunch with the twins, and the aide was flabberghasted that they could use complete sentences to make requests.

Time to send in the old DVD of G. working with me when he was four, saying words, letters, letter sounds and so on.  It is starting to seem ridiculous.  There he is with his old orange sippy cup, doing all sorts of stuff he won't do for them in first grade.

I am on a secret mission. Posting my plan here does not stop it from being secret. One advantage to having so few blog readers.  The plan is to make videos of the twins doing tons of work.  Today G. matched shape names to shapes, number words to numerals, the names of animals to pictures and more.  He navigated around the PBS Kids website with the mouse, and talked me into watching a YouTube video on present continuous verbs.

My mission is still a little vague.  Once I make all the movies proving that the twins can speak, use the IPad, etc., what will I do next?  We will still be living in Texas, in a school district that hasn't even bought any IPads yet.  Well, I'll start on step one, and maybe the next part of the plan will become clear to me.  I'll get a lot of satisfaction out of it, in any case.

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KAL said...

I think the secret mission is a good idea and I bet those teachers will really appreciate additional insight into your boys!