Thursday, May 12, 2011

Keys to the Universe, a la Susan Senator

In homage to Susan Senator's occasional lists of what really makes her happy, here are some of my keys to the universe:

1. a planned trip to see my parents, my sisters, my nephew and my dog-nephews

2. newly-discovered Chai tea bags

3. watching 30 Rock DVD's with my husband after all the boys are in bed

4. watching Dancing with the Stars with my oldest son

5. spring rolls from Pho 21

6. painting the bathroom with the radio cranked up

7. walking on the abandoned golf course in our neighborhood

8. going swimming with B. and watching him teach himself to swim

9. sitting out on the deck after dark while G. marches around singing his Christmas song medley

That is a very satisfying exercise. It's a good antidote to compulsively going over my worries in my head! I am going to make these lists more often.

1 comment:

Susan Senator said...

I like your list, too! Especially painting the bathroom with the radio cranked up...