Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Potty training, and I mean it this time!

As the twins begin to out-grow any standard pull-ups except the overnight huge ones, the time has come to get serious. We are trying an underwear-only, use the potty every thirty minutes approach. Well, not every thirty minutes for both of them or I'd be totally nuts by now. But we are really doing it with G., who up til now has specialized in waiting seventeen hours to go and then flooding himself and anyone nearby.

And, despite his complete lack of interest, an even smellier house, and tons and tons of carpet cleaner and wet towels, Greg is occasionally going in the potty! He would prefer to hide in a closet, or wait til bedtime when he finally gets a pull-up, but for the first time in his life he is sometimes sitting down on the toilet and actually going.

It's only been two weeks or so, and I foresee many months of this, but it is progress and I am so happy.


KAL said...

I feel your pain, I do indeed. It is great news that G. is actually going even if it's occasionally!

burgiboogie said...

I cannot imagine training two kids at once! I absolutely hate potty training! Good luck, I am thinking good thought that it will be a success!

eiseneker said...

My son is 6 as well...what finally worked for him was a dvd called potty power. They were actually using the fact that he wasnt potty trained to try to put him in a more restrictive enviroment at school....ughhh...good luck!