Thursday, February 10, 2011

At the Movies!

I'm just back from a field trip to the movie theater to watch Tangled with the twins' class (and the two other self-contained classes from their school). There is something freeing about seeing a movie with only special needs kids and their teachers in the theater. At times it reminded me of the old midnight showings of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"-- a lot of audience participation and talking back to the characters on the screen. When Rapunzel had Flynn locked in a wardrobe, one boy kept yelling, "Open the door!" Nobody minded, and luckily she did finally open the door.

I'm happy and surprised that the twins made it through the whole thing. The last twenty minutes or so Greg started asking, "Down? Down? Down?", but dealt with it when we didn't take him out. Then he limited himself to an occasional call of "Wait, Elmo!" for the rest of the movie. B. drank three sodas --his, G's and mine-- and then actually waited through the whole movie til we got to the restroom. More than I could have done, that's for sure. Maybe this will inspire me to try more movies with them although I'm not ready to try it on my own yet (if ever).

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Niksmom said...

How awesome! And, THREE sodas? Man, I don't think I would make it through a movie with ONE. LOL

So nice to see you back online. And I love the new blog name, too. :-)