Monday, September 13, 2010

Things continue to go well at school, and they've even added an aide without my requesting one (!) We ran into her in the public library this weekend, and she seems very nice.

The only remarkable thing about today was an unfortunate poop-ocalypse, as my husband would call it. It started out so sweet, with B. coming all the way downstairs to hand me a little CD player, with the nicest smile. He has been getting more assertive about requesting things, so I was tickled. Then I thought to myself, what is that on the tip of his nose?, and it was downhill from there. I felt bad that he looked so crestfallen as I cleaned him and many other things up. That is one pair of Transformers underwear which he will never wear again!

This is too much information, but my husband is out of town, and I am tired and the boys keep waking up at 4 AM. On the other hand, it was his first accident of the day, and what's a little--okay, a whole lot-- of poop when other things are going well?


burgiboogie said...

Poop is such a mess! lol I can proudly say at 7yrs. I never have anything to do with Cotton's poop, so hang in there:) But BOY do I remember those days, and honestly with both my potty trained children. ( I am not ever potty training Rev, seriously, I'm done, and he is on his own:P

It is great that he is requesting so much more!

KAL said...

I well remember John's poop phase (the pulling it out and smearing it) and if I recall it took very little to send me completely over the edge. I hope your husband gets home soon and sleep returns!