Friday, May 7, 2010


J. is wrapping up his kindergarten year. It's hard for me to imagine I'll be the mom of a first-grader and two kindergarteners next year. That is, if we put B. back in public school. I have a good feeling about the self-contained class' teacher, so it just may happen.

One thing that is keeping me (close-to) sane this spring has been gardening. My focus is on non-toxic plants, due to our Pica issues. G. in particular sees the backyard as a grazing ground. I've planted beans, sweet peppers, lettuce, thyme, basil, mint and a jalapeno pepper plant (if anyone reading this knows that one of these plants is actually toxic, let me know!). The first day that my relatively huge basil plant was in the ground, every single leaf disappeared, and G. had unusually pungeant breath. The plant survived and is putting out some new little leaves. Maybe a wise metaphor is in there somewhere, but I'm too sleepy to try to nail it down.

We are trying to go down to Galveston this weekend for some ocean swimming. The boys are like little seals in the waves. This time I'll bring life jackets for the twins, so we can relax a little more. Last time I wouldn't let them get deeper than six inches or so. So sad about the oil spill. I hope that the attempt to cap the well works.

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