Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I don't know if I've mentioned this, but since Thanksgiving (well, that was the SeaWorld trip, and I haven't posted since then!), B. has been singing up a storm. At first it was Christmas songs. Frosty, Rudolph, and according to his therapists, even George Michael's "Last Christmas, I gave you my heart".

Now it's anyone's guess what he'll be singing. Yesterday, on a whim I had put a Signing Time CD in the car, and we were on the song I quote in my blog's sidebar, "Maybe we won't find easy, but baby we found the good". That song was such a tear-jerker for me, but I actually have come to dislike it. It reminds me of the hardest time so far in my life, the year or so after I realized the twins had autism and was floundering around about how to help.

So we had arrived at the clinic where the twins had an appointment, and I turned off the car. From the back seat I heard B's voice singing "My hands did so MUCH MORE" very loudly and clearly. It still startles me to hear him singing sometimes, and this one really got me. I never listen to Signing Time music any more, so he was remembering it from back then. Back when I wondered what he could take in, and what he was getting out of all our attempts to connect. He can remember the lyrics to a song from when he was two! To be honest, he's must have heard it a few times since then, but not much.

The twins really boggle my mind... there are so many basic things that are so hard for them, but then they come out with these wonderful surprises.


burgiboogie said...

Oh my goodness that is wonderful. Sounds like your guys have been making a lot of progress!

kushtia said...

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