Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today I had a migraine, and all I could think (besides thank God for the college student who helps us out in the afternoon) as I lay in bed with my head under a pillow was that I really, really need to get away.

My sister is coming to visit next week, which will really help. But how do you get away when you have twins who aren't potty-trained, will put anything in their mouths, climb the furniture, don't usually respond to their names? My husband is not used to watching all three of them, or I'd sneak away for a day or two.

I must brain-storm about this, because I think things are getting harder, as far as caring for the twins. They can say more, they notice more, and they can do more, which includes climbing over safety gates, opening the fridge and, well, I'm sure you know what I'm getting at. Mommy is getting a little loopy, here!

Just to illustrate, here's a picture of the attempt to take a group photo at the twins' birthday party. Some ASD kids made it into the photo, but neither of the twins!


burgiboogie said...

That picture is the BEST! You definitely need some TLC!! Maybe your husband could do it, if the sitter helped out for a few hours? Typical or not, our kids can drive us crazy!!!

Niksmom said...

If you haven't tried this already: Talk to your husband so he understands how much you need to get away not just to "get a break" but to recharge so you can be a PARTNER IN YOUR MARRIAGE. Ten, ask him what supports he would need to be able to help you get away for a couple of days. Might look like having some meals pre-made so he can pop them in the oven/microwave, or a babysitter lined up for certain times, or...just ask and ask him to stretch a bit for both of you. You might be surprised...and you might get away! :-)

FWIW, as soon as my husband is finished with school (mid-May!) you better believe I'm getting away! Even if it's just down the street to my parents' house for a good night's sleep!