Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We are all packed, and planning to get up at 4 AM and leave. Hurrican Ike may not be too bad, and isn't aiming straight for Houston, but people are in moderate panic mode.

My sister is visiting from the Boston area, and has a pretty good attitude, considering that she's about to leave town in the wee hours with a family of five and a dog. The twins will probably love the whole trip, but J. is not happy when his routine is disrupted. The family we are going to see has a sixth grader, and I'm hoping he'll take J. under his wing.

I am going to bed and, I hope, sleep!


Niksmom said...

Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers for a safe trip and return home soon!

kristen said...

Better safe than sorry? Yes. Hope you have a safe trip and are back home soon.

burgiboogie said...

UGH! I will be thinking of you guys, have a good trip:P

Christine said...

Oh no!! Please be safe and hopefully you won't have to be gone long.